About eCSSS

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eCSSS stands for electronic Comprehensive Student Support System.

eCSSS is the application used by the Hawaii Department of Education to track students who receive supports and services. As an integrated system, eCSSS is the single source for documenting student support activity of all types and service levels.

eCSSS enables users to capture the full range of information required when documenting services. This can include: documenting referrals, evaluations, conferences, notices, eligibility status, goals and objectives, visit records, consents, services and incidents.

As a Web-based application, eCSSS allows secured user access anytime and anywhere.

Through a central database, the DOE is able to gather information from many sources yet retain “a single story of a student.” In doing so, eCSSS plays a key role in ensuring that students receive the appropriate support and intervention, which leads to learning and success.

About the eCSSS PT services mobile app

The physical therapy (PT) services mobile app allows providers to enter service logs quickly and accurately from any mobile device. Providers can easily document PT procedures, objectives, and outcomes, as well as data required for Medicaid reimbursement claiming. Designated users can also manage the provider provisioning process for PT services via the app.

All service logs submitted through the mobile app sync with eCSSS and become part of the student records system. You can view existing service logs in both eCSSS and the mobile app, and you can edit service logs using the app where they were created. For example, if you submit a service log using the mobile app, you can view and edit the service log through the mobile app. Likewise, you can view and edit any service logs originally created in eCSSS using the eCSSS app.

Note: Service logs created in eCSSS are not available for viewing or editing in the PT services mobile app.

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